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Short circuit armature motor

Working width




Height without handle

Height with handle

Cleaning capacity







up to 100m2 per/hr
Full range of accesories and spares available!
The machine must be fitted with a power safety switch with a capacity of 10 amps or a 10 amp fuse.
Before starting the machine check compatability of the carpet with the brushes used.
The choice of brush depends on the amount of dirt and the carpet quality.
Not suitable for Woolberber and deep pile carpets.
The machine should only be used by persons instructed in its use and given authority to do so.
The plug must be removed from the socket before cleaning, maintenance or part replacement.
Take care that the electricity cable is not damaged in any way.
Continually check the cable.
The cable can only be replaced by using part number 46 or 0,5W - 3.1mm cable.