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How the whole process works......

SPOTLESS is a cellulose based powder containing a mild solvent, natural surfactants, anti-static and anti-bacterial agents as well as Citrus perfumes. A pH factor of 7,5 ensures that SPOTLESS is suitable for all types of carpet and upholstery, ranging from wool to synthetic blends.
SPOTLESS dry cleaning snow is evenly spread over the carpet and immediately agitated into the carpet pile, either manually or by mechanical action (APPLICATOR)
Each 'micro sponge' is impregnated with a solution of cleaning chemicals that dissolves dirt and stains, including urine, blood, shoe polish, coffee etc.
The agitation process activates the 'micro sponge' and the dissolved dirt is absorbed and encapsulated.
The 'micro sponge' is anionic(negative) and attracts the dirt which is cationic(positive). Thus the dissolved dirt is attracted to the 'micro sponge'.(opposites attract)
Each 'micro sponge' can absorb 10 X its own weight.
Once full the 'micro sponge' is ready to be vacuumed away leaving the carpet DRY & CLEAN.


No down time, normal traffic can resume once SPOTLESS has been worked into the carpet pile.
SPOTLESS will not shrink, stretch, or delaminate the backing and will not rot either underfelt or carpet.
Complete operation takes approximately 90 minutes and carpets are left absolutely dry.